Collegio San Giuseppe

The Collegio San Giuseppe, being housed at the Procura Generale in Rome, has been an integral part of Mill Hill Society. The first Society’s Roman Procurator was appointed with an office in Beda College in 1924 but 1959 moved to Via Innocenzo X, to a house bought from the Gallini family.

In the subsequent years the Procure was used as a guesthouse for visiting bishops and priests, and for priest students (initially solely Mill Hill priests) who did their studies at different Rome universities.

This caused the house to be referred to as the Collegio San Giuseppe, since St. Joseph is the patron of the Society.  Only in recent years, the house accepts students who are not members of the Mill Hill Society.

Its budget of the college is part of the Society’s budget, and all running costs are financed by the college fees of the students and by the Society. Students are asked to make their own contribution by celebrating the Eucharist for the intention of the Society and College.