The role of the Procurator General

  1. Relations with the Vatican
    1. Represents the superior-general and central administration at Vatican dicasteries (Secretariat of State, Propaganda Fide) in matters relating to the Society in general and individual members in particular as directed by the Superior General and the Council.
    2. Promotes awareness of the missionary vocation and work of Mill Hill Society in the dicasteries by providing and distributing reports, documentation and information.
    3. Facilitates meetings between individual members and the dicasteries relating to Mill Hill Society and Mission (e.g. Evangelization of Peoples, Catholic Education, Societies of Apostolic Life, Laity and Family and Life, Promoting Integral Human Development, Interreligious Dialogue, Promoting Christian Unity, New Evangelization)

  3. Relations with Diplomatic Entities
    1. Develops and maintains contacts with diplomatic missions accredited to the Holy See from countries where Mill Hill is working and is present.
    2. Uses the diplomatic missions of the Holy See to facilitate visa applications and documents necessary for travel and work of Mill Hill members.

  5. Relations with Societies of Apostolic Life, Orders, and Congregations
    1. Relates to USG, UISG, SEDOS, MISAL and other organizations as directed by the Superior General and the Council.
    2. Participates in meetings with representatives of Societies of Apostolic Life, religious Congregations and orders, as directed by the Superior General and the Council.
    3. Develops and maintains relationships with Societies of Apostolic Life, Congregations and Orders, both male and female, from countries where Mill Hill is working, and be available for minor services.
    4. Develops and maintains relationships with the ecclesiastical houses of residence in Rome of interest to Mill Hill and its mission, in particular the Irish College, the Venerable English College, the Beda College, Collegio Filipino, Collegio Urbano, Collegio San Pietro, Collegio San Paolo, and the North American College (both houses).
    5. In his capacity as rector of Collegio San Giuseppe, the procurator general is a member of ARCER (Association of the Rectors of Ecclesiastical Colleges in Rome)

  7. Relations with Aid and Funding Organizations
    1. Builds and develops relationship with organizations such as Missio, Church in Need, Caritas International, Jesuit Refugee Service, Faith and Praxis for Global Leadership, etc. in view of facilitating and assisting Mill Hill mission.
    2. Coordinates projects application, fundraising, reporting to ensure transparency and accountability of development work of Mill Hill members and associates as directed by the Council for Development.


The procurator-general is also rector of Collegio San Giuseppe. As such he

  1. Sees to proper arrangements in the house suited and appropriate to the needs of priest-students, residents; and Mill Hill members and associates (for work, vacation, meetings) visiting Rome.
  2. Oversees the office and domestic staff who are responsible to him.
  3. Supervises the financial running of the house and is signatory to bank accounts.
  4. Relates to the legal advisors as and when needed, and to the financial consultants especially for the preparation of the annual audit.
  5. Ensures the maintenance of the building, furnishings, and property at via Innocenzo X, 16.
  6. Facilitates entry to Italy, visas, language studies, academic enrollment, fee payment, etc. of Mill Hill members appointed for studies and reside at Collegio San Giuseppe.
  7. Supports, cares for and encourages those residents who are studying.
  8. Carries out particular matters as requested by General Council and individual Mill Hill members, e.g. journal subscriptions, papal blessings, papal audiences, meetings.
  9. Provides hospitality to all members of the St. Joseph’s Society of Mill Hill, and, within reasonable limits, to other people with whom we are closely connected by ministry and/or relationship.